Dia Trescientos Cincuenta y Nueve // Day Three Hundred & Fifty-Nine

24.12.2016 Saturday

It’s Christnas Eve and I woke early to go to Brisbane, alone, by myself. I had this burning urge to walk around Brisbane before the city woke and to do it by myself. I was yet again struck by Brisbane’s beauty, for the first time in a long time, possibly ever, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride for my hometown. I realised that forever until eternity, when people ask where I’m from, it’s simple. I’m from Brisbane, it’s my home city, it’s where I’ve grown up, been to university and worked. Not many people will probably ever get the opportunity to travel to Brisbane, it is often overshadowed by the larger Australian cities of Sydney and Melbourne. But please promise, if you do get the opportunity to visit, you do.


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