Dia Trescientos Cuarenta // Day Three Hundred & Forty

05.12.2016 Monday

Since Wednesday, when I got my red cast fitted at the hospital, my arm hasd been so painful. I couldn’t hold it, place it or sleep with it in a comfortable position. Id never had a proper cast before but something just didn’t feel right. I knew it was meant to be tight to prevent any unnecessary movement but it just felt too tight.

This afternoon when I arrived home from work, the pain was unbearable. I was losing feeling in my fingers and every time I moved my arm sharp pains ran all the way up it. My mum decided we needed to go to the Emergency Room of the local hospital to get it checked. Upon arrival, I was really beginning to panic as it felt like someone was crushing my wrist with a metal bar. The doctors took the cast off and the relief was instant. After several more X-Rays and a different choice in colour (I think red was bad luck!) I am now fitted with another cast, which features highly in today’s photo. This new cast is so much more comfortable, I think I’ll be able to bear another five weeks.


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