Dia Trescientos Treinta y Cinco // Day Three Hundred & Thirty-Five

30.11.2016 Wednesday

I was back in the orthopaedic ward of Royal Brisbane Hospital today. It’s been a week since the break and this afternoon I was fitted with a full plaster cast – not without some failed attempts. When I arrived the cut the backslab cast off in order to take some X-Ray’s of the break, the nurse then proceeded to fit the cast before I had more X-Rays to determine if it was in the correct position.

After 2 hours of waiting the head orthopaedic doctor came round to look at my arm and decided that the wrist was not sitting in the right position in order to heal properly. This meant that I had the first cast removed and another round of X-Rays. Finally another nurse fitted me with a second cast, this time she had to press down on the injured wrist in order to mould it so that no uneccessary movement would occur.

After four long hours, I am now wearing my solid red cast which will stay with me for six weeks. Bearing in mind that we will soon be entering the heat of Summer here in Brisbane, I don’t suppose the cast and I are really going to get along that well.


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