Dia Trescientos Veintinueve // Day Three Hundred & Twenty-Nine

23.11.2016 Wednesday

A day unlike one I have ever had before. This evening I broke my first bone, it only took me 24 years. I always wondered not what a broken bone would feel like (who would try to imagine pain?) but rather, what it would be like in the lead up to breaking a bone. It may seem strange but I always found it odd that someone wouldn’t know upon waking up that they would potentially end the day with a broken bone.

This evening, my brother and I made our way to our futsal fixture in high spirits, playing some songs we both love, on the drive there. The game played out just as they have in the last few weeks, our team leading at half time. With 10 minutes to go, I offered to go in as goalkeeper for a little while to give everyone a run out on the court. I had been in goal less than 2 minutes when one of the tall, strong males we were playing against fired a shot at the goal I was defending. Instinctively I put my left hand up to save the ball. I made the save but unfortunately my wrist snapped backwards and immediate pain rushed over me. I was able to kick the subsequent shot away and then substituted myself.

Not having broken a bone before I didn’t actually know if I had broken it. My inability to move it probably suggested I had. My brother drove me home after the game in which I tried to have a shower and change. This was not an option and I asked my mum to drive me to the emergency room of the hospital. After, five long hours, a change over from mum to Thomas and several X-Ray’s, doctors confirmed I had broken my radius at my wrist. A backslab was placed on my wrist and an appointed was made in a week to come back to the hospital to get a proper cast fitted.

Today I broke a bone, everyday is a new experience. Take it as it comes, you might enjoy it or possibly detest it, but you’ll definitely learn from it.

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