Dia Trescientos Veinte // Day Three Hundred & Twenty

14.11.2016 Monday

This morning whilst my brother was driving the two of us to the shops, along a familiar, straight route, we slowed to a grinding halt. After nudging along in first gear for five minutes, we came across the cause of the slow moving traffic; an accident had just occurred no less than a kilometre further down the road. As we reached the site of the accident (in which no one was injured), I thought I would take a photo – please note, I did not intend this sudden urge to take a photo to represent an ill-sense of humour that you may now perceive me to have!

However, upon looking back at the photo I had just taken, I realised that it actually looked like our vehicle was involved in the crash – definitely not the case. It just goes to show you how photos, although evidence of something having occurred, do not always represent the full story.


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