Dia Trescientos Catorce // Day Three Hundred & Fourteen

07.11.2016 Monday

Today will go down as one of the funniest days this year, possibly even one of the funniest in my life. Laura and I took an organised day trip to the Blue Mountains approximately 90minutes west of Sydney.

I can’t relay each detail of the day as it would take far too long and the written prose just wouldn’t do it justice. The cumulative effect of each disastrous moment, combined with the numerous times we said “why are we here?” Has given us no option but just to look back on the day and laugh.

In a few short phrases to remember the day, that are certain to always jog my memory of this day specifically; “it’s my first day,” “just have a wander down there” “the air conditioning doesn’t work,” the funniest moment would have to be our Lunch stop. Our tour guide had dropped us off at a viewpoint where we took pictures of ‘The Three Sisters,’ (pictured) and had told us to walk a little way up the hill when we were done, in order to have lunch in a park. When we arrived the tour guide had set out our lunch of sandwiches and cake on the park benches, only for us to find him swearing and chasing off the crowd which had taken aim (and a few bites) at our hand and salad rolls. Laura and I had to walk away for fear of one of two things, a) peeing our pants and b) suffocating through lack of available air in our lungs. It was one of those ‘had to be there!’ moments of which I will always remember so vividly.


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