Dia Trescientos // Day Three-Hundred

24.10.2016 Monday

Today marks the 300th day of the year (and this blog) and it is possibly the one day of the year I have been fearing most. I was back at the hospital for the final lot of procedures and tests today. Some of you may already know that I suffer badly with anxiety, particularly when it comes to anything and everything medical.

I don’t often show my anxiety but it often shows itself to me; plaguing every single thought and creating horrible situations in my head which often don’t occur in what I call “real life.” I have been so worried about results from today’s procedures that I had put them off for a long time, choosing to return home to Australia to be around family. I know it sounds silly to other people, particularly when I tell them what I worry about – to anyone else I am sure I look like what they may call a hypochondriac or chronic pessimist. 

Despite all this I had a fairly positive day at the hospital with very little anxiety issues (something I have been working hard on!). However, I have been officially diagnosed with two things; Ulcerative Collitis and Coeliac Disease, neither of them very pleasant but both very manageable and I am so relieved to have a diagnosis and to start working towards feeling better. It means A pretty big change to my diet but that only provides me with more to write about in my daily blog posts.

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