Dia Doscientos Noventa y Siete // Day Two Hundred & Ninety-Seven

21.10.2016 Friday

An afternoon walk through Sweeney’s Reserve, opened my eyes to lots of biological/geographical elements of nature that I hadn’t really noticed in this location before.

Today’s photo shows a tree’s winding support base, otherwise know. As buttress roots. I remember learning about buttress roots when I was in Year 10 at school and again at university, before teaching my students about a trees ability to adapt it’s roots, particularly in a rainforest environment. 

Buttress roots are large, somewhat protruding roots, visible on all sides of a shallowly-rooted tree. This natural adaptation allows a tree to remain stable and, most importantly, allows a tree to access nutrients from the soil over a larger area. The roots remain shallow, instead of penetrating poor soil deeper under the ground, the roots spread further afield. Therefore, buttress roots are typically found in nutrient-poor soils, as found in rainforest environments.


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