Dia Doscientos Noventa y Cuatro // Day Two Hundred & Ninety-Four

18.10.2016 Tuesday

I don’t often partake in ‘online shopping,’ despite it now being the most popular way in which to purchase goods. However, last week I did peruse the limited number of online shopping websites of which I am familiar with, in order to purchase a new pair of cycling shoes. Therefore, as stated in the delivery details, these shoes arrived today all shiny and new. All well and good, but they do not fit me!

Now I know this is not the fault of the supplier, rather, an error on my part, but when something turns up on your doorstep and you excitedly unwrap the packaging (read: rip the packaging to shreds) only to find they don’t fit, it’s inly natural to be disappointed. This is what I now feel; I can return these shoes for a different size but that requires time and effort – something I thought online shopping helped you avoid.


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