Dia Doscientos Ochenta y Cuatro // Day Two Hundred & Eighty-Four

09.10.2016 Sunday

6:18am. I will admit, I am an early riser and I enjoy waking up early to start my day. However, I don’t particularly enjoy being woken up at 6:00am on a Sunday morning to the sound of concrete being poured and laid by our new (but not very welcomed) neighbours. By the time I got dressed and downstairs to take this photo it was 6:18am, I promptly took my place on my high horse but rather than confront and address this issue face-to-face, my timid, don’t-want-an-argument-in-the-street, nature decided to research the time you are allowed to begin work on your property. I found this time to be exactly one hour later than what they began working (7:00am). You would think that after the effort I made to take a photo and research times that I would follow through and maybe put in a noise complaint to the council. However, I could t be asked to do that so I sat outside eating my breakfast listening to the hum and drum of the concrete truck.


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