Dia Doscientos Sesenta y Cinco // Day Two Hundred & Sixty-Five

20.09.2016 Tuesday

It’s a Tuesday morning and coffee is necessary. Here in Brisbane it is currently school holidays and therefore due to there being no teaching work available, as schools aren’t open, I have been doing some work at the local children’s vacation care – something I have never done but am quite enjoying.

One of the nicest changes I’ve experienced working in a new environment is the time of day that I am scheduled to work. I am normally an early person regardless of whether I have somewhere to be or not and this week I have found myself on later shifts (by late I’m talking 10 or 11am starts). I consider this late as working normal school hours is the same routine everyday; an 8:30am start for the first class – I’m not even going to consider explaining some start and finish times for teachers so we will just leave it at 8:30am.

Since I had a later start this morning, yet still rose early, I decided to stop in my way to work and have a cup of coffee. I like to think this is what a lot of European cultures do before work, ensuring a leisurely start to the day unlike a lot of western cultures when the morning pre-work routine is a mad rush of breakfast on the go and traffic nightmares. Sometimes you just have to make the time to slow down!

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