Dia Doscientos Sesenta y Cuatro // Day Two Hundred & Sixty-Four

19.09.2016 Monday

Since being back home in Australia, I’ve really noticed the increasing positive attitude towards health and wellness with particular reference to healthy, often raw, meals and drinks consisting largely of fresh fruit and vegetables. One shop, I guess it is now a franchise, has largely taken Brisbane by storm and is colloquially referred to by locals either as “Charlie’s” or “Raw Squeeze” and ‘checking in’ to the place on Facebook or Instagram is a customary requirement.

Today was only my second visit to the popular store, where I purchased a fresh fruit juice and an açai bowl (if you have never heard of an açai bowl, then do yourself a favour and look it up!). Despite the hype and nagging feeling that I could be making the equivalent drinks and meals in the comfort of my own kitchen, without the ‘name-brand’ price tag, I for one am glad that Brisbane’s infatuation with healthy juices and raw snacks has arrived and I hope it is here to stay – along with Brisbane’s vibrant cafe culture.


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