Dia Doscientos Sesenta // Day Two Hundred & Sixty

15.09.2016 Thursday

This afternoon I had to pop into the post office on my way home from work and decided that now would be as good time as ever to have a walk around the nearby Lake Eden. I miss walking as a form of commuting as I used to do this nearly everyday when walking to the shops in Hitchin. Australia predominantly has what I like to call a car-culture. You almost always have to hop in your car to go anywhere or visit anyone. This is due relatively new age of Australia and the rapidly developing sprawling suburbs on the outskirts of cities such as Brisbane. Suburbs here aren’t built around the necessity of having access to local shops and amenities like Europe is; the focus, I believe, is more closely aligned to Anerican settlements of vast suburban housing estates and big wide open roads. This is primarily due to the vastness of both of these aforementioned countries. 

Nevertheless, on my peaceful walk around the circumference of the lake I spotted no less than nine lizards basking in the sun in an effort to earn their body temperature. 


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