Dia Doscientos Cincuenta y Siete // Day Two Hundred & Fifty-Seven

12.09.2016 Monday

I didn’t have any work at the school today so seeing as it was also Mum’s day off from work we ‘pottered‘ (such a good word!) about doing some odd jobs. I am really trying to make a conscious effort to reduce my dependency on using my car. Where I can walk or ride my bike I try to. This afternoon I had to walk down to the post office to send a few parcels. As I walked through the local park I noticed this sign on one of the trees. I have seen these signs many times whilst growing up in Australia but this one caught my eye as its been a while since I’ve seen one. It’s magpie season here in Australia and that means the birds suddenly turn satanic and are intent on pecking your eyes out, should you happen to stroll 20 metres below their nest. The magpies are literally savage and being swooped is a harrowing experience. Fortunately, despite this sign there was no sign of the swooping birds in the park.


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