Dia Doscientos Cuarenta y Uno // Day Two Hundred & Forty-One

27.08.2016 Saturday

This evening I went to watch my brother play football at ANZ Stadium in Brisbane – originally built to host the Commonwealth Games in 1982. This isn’t their usual venue because tonight’s match was slightly different. My brother had been selected in an ‘All-Star’ team as one of the best players in his league this season. The match was played against Brisvane Roar, one of the best football teams in the country, having won the A-League title three teams since its inception. With a crowd around 3,000 strong the game was much closer than the score line reflected: a 4-0 win to Brisbane Roar. In reality though, this match was never about the score just the experience.

After the match we went to get dinner at a new 24-hour cafe/restaurant in a suburb called Ascot. Brisbane is notorious for closing its shops, restaurants and cafes early at night as most people like to go to bed early but get up before the sun. However, this restaurant is a god send, the food was good and the service was quick, I’ll definitely be frequenting this place a lot more now that I know about it.


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