Dia Doscientos Treinta y Nueve // Day Two Hundred & Thirty-Nine

25.08.2016 Thursday

One thing I have really noticed about being home is not having to cook as often – even though I do enjoy it. My mum cooks most evenings, she also enjoys it and is very good at it, which has meant I have been having lots of other foods and meals that I haven’t had in a long time. It’s funny how what you eat changes, depending on several factors that I have noticed myself; weather, cost and availability of certain foods and the number of daylight hours. I have now begun to eat dinner a lot earlier than I did in England as it gets a lot darker here, earlier. Another example, based on the cost and availability of foods is blueberries and raspberries. When living in England I would regularly consume a punnet of raspberries a day, however, here in Australia they are not as readily available and prices are almost triple that when compared to England. 

Today’s photo of the day was taken whilst my Mum was cooking dinner, I noticed she had some coriander out, ready to garnish (some may say, completely ruin) whatever she had so lovingly cooked up for us. Naturally, I had to step in to ensure not even a leaf of coriander made it into my plate!


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