Dia Doscientos Once // Day Two Hundred & Eleven

28.07.2016 Thursday

After having had a great time over the last three weeks, today was the first ‘down’ day for a while, for many reasons. Namely leaving Spain to come home to an empty flat and friends that are away on holidays (and rightly so), as well not feeling 100%. This is one of the first times I have returned home from travelling and not felt insanely motivated in many areas of my life. I’m sure as I settle back into more of routine (as much as I can before embarking on a massive change in 2 weeks!), I will start to feel more enthusiastic and inspired; right now I’m just content with the fact that I don’t have to go to work in the morning and have convinced myself that after not watching television for the past three weeks it is ok to do so now.

Until such time that I can return to Spain, I’ll be wishing I was sitting drinking a gin and tonic in the summer night air in Llirìa, just like I did in today’s photo.


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