Dia Doscientos Nueve // Day Two Hundred & Nine

26.07.2016 Tuesday

Travel isn’t a means to an end, it’s not meant to be about ticking cities and countries off of a list. It’s meant to be about learning new things, about having new experiences. Today was one of the best days I have had whilst travelling. It wasn’t a day where I raced about seeing as many sites as I could, yet it was one where I felt like I learnt more about what it is like to be from Valencia.

I made a trip up to La Vall d’Uixó, approximately 45km from Valencia, to spend the day with a friend who showed me, what I believe to be one of the most stunning natural features I have ever seen. The Les Coves de Sant Josep, is a subterranean river and cave system accessible by small boat. The water is crystal clear, the temperature considerably cooler than outside and the slow downwards growth of the stalactites from the roof of the cave ensures you appreciate the wonder of how these caves have come to be. I can’t believe it has taken me four trips to Valencia before I had seen this underground river. It is amazing to think that despite very little water above the ground (think dried up rivers and arid mountainous landscapes), beneath the surface tells a completely different story.

The afternoon consisted of a Spanish lunch; salad, mussels, squid, paella, ice cream and coffee, along with a great view over the province of Castellón and out towards the sea. 

Travelling in any form has made me realise that it’s not always about having a full itinerary of things to do, sometimes you just need to embrace the pace and lifestyle of the culture in which you’re surrounded. 


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