Dia Doscientos Ocho // Day Two Hundred & Eight

25.07.2016 Monday

This is my fourth visit to Valencia and this trip is turning out to be the best one yet. When a local shows you around it is always much better; hopefully I’m becoming somewhat of a local myself. As I have previously mentioned in early blog posts, I love to see a town, city or village from the highest possible vantage point and this photo is evidence of that. Not only is the St. Mary of Valencia Cathedral home to a supposed Holy Grail artefact, it is also home to this view at the top of the cathedral’s tower. A relatively quiet, peaceful outlook over the Spanish city greets you upon ascending the 207 steps to the top, that is, until, the chiming of the bell every quarter of an hour.

Trying new things, along with seeing new sites, is something I feel is somewhat of a must when visiting a new country or when in the presence of a new culture. Today, I tried Horchata (or Orxata), a traditional Spanish drink at breakfast. It is traditionally made from tigernuts, water and sugar and is again, something I am so glad I tried. Not something I would be able to drink a lot of but absolutely refreshing when served for breakfast. I also revisited one of my favourite restaurants for lunch, Crêperie Batonne, where I had the meal of the day; Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil Salad followed by a Sausage Mince, Cheese, Corn and Pepper crepe. Delicioso.

A day in Valencia would not be complete without a wander through the pedestrianised streets (periodically stopping for coffee) or a walk through Turia, the dry river bed-turned park green space. A place I couldn’t imagine the city without.

I’ve included some more photos from today as one is not enough when talking about Valencia.


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