Dia Doscientos Siete // Day Two Hundred & Seven

24.07.2016 Sunday

Today started with desayuno (breakfast) in a lovely nearby town followed by a trip into Valencia where I spent the afternoon. I have to admit, not much happens between the hours of 2-4pm in Valencia on a working day, let alone a Sunday. That time is reserved for siestas, although in the weekend a lot of people like to head out of the city to the beach, mountains or to sit by the river where it is generally cooler. This provided me with an opportunity to wander through the streets of the city with a little less of the hustle and bustle. It was lovely to be back, one of the things I like to do most when I go intoValencia is to get an ice cream and sit reading my book in the Queen’s Piazza. It is busy but it is also bordered by some fantastic buildings and architecture on each side of the square.

I’m heading back into Valencia tomorrow to spend the day walking, trying horchata (a traditional Spanish drink at breakfast), having lunch and just embracing the culture that I have come to love so much.


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