Dia Doscientos Cuatro // Day Two Hundred & Four

21.07.2016 Thursday

Good views often come when least expecting them. Late this evening I decided I needed a new book to read so I ventured to the large, modern department store which has an extensive selection of books spread across one whole floor of the store. I wasn’t immediately drawn to the books however, it was the view along the far window that captured my eye straight away.

I have had another busy day exploring the Mediterranean city that is, Barcelona. I visited Parc Güell this morning and would highly recommend it as a must-do when visiting the city. You can spend quite a while wandering through the park, discovering the architecture and the brilliant views of the city that the park provides.

For lunch I opted for a traditional Spanish dish, yet not necessarily a traditional Catalun dish. Arroz negre was my choice and I am so glad I chose that option – I must admit I was encouraged by a Spaniard to give it a try. It is a type of Paella dish, aptly named Black Rice, due to it’s colour, of which is courtesy of the squid ink added whilst cooking. Despite a bit of a panic when the dish arrived, along with many tourist stares from passers-by, the dish was extremely tasty and something I would definitely choose to eat again. I have included a picture of the dish below. 

Tomorrow is my last full day in Barcelona before heading south to Valencia. I’m hoping to visit the beach again and wander through the streets of the Gracia and Gothic Quarter neighbourhoods.


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