Dia Doscientos Uno // Day Two Hundred & One

18.07.2016 Monday 

I can finally report that Summer has arrived in Hitchin. I made great use of today’s fantastic weather by frequenting the Hitchin Outdoor Pool (as seen in today’s photo), not once, but twice! It is such a nice place to have a swim or relax by the pool when the weather is nice. For the first time in a very long time, the weather felt like home and I’m going to bed with the feeling that I have sufficiently topped up my Vitamin D levels.

Tonight I had dinner with two of my closest friends, Amy and Laura at a great English country pub in Tewin (The Plume of Feathers – Amy’s favourite!) We sat in the garden having a drink and eating dinner to celebrate our last time altogether in what could be quite a while. As Laura and I head back home or overseas, the distance between us just becomes a number but the friendship will remain as ever. These two have literally made the last 2.5 years the best of my life, I can’t think what I would have done without either of them and for that, I can’t thank them enough x


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