Dia Ciento Noventa y Seis // Day One Hundred & Ninety-Six

13.07.2016 Wednesday

As I sit writing today’s blog post from another country, another city, I’m grateful for the opportunity to travel, I’m proud that I have the courage to travel alone and I’m inspired by the experiences I have whilst travelling. Today I am in Budapest, a city I have never visited before, yet have heard so many good things about – “the Paris of the east,” I am told. 

After only a day of walking around both, Buda and Pest (lying on opposite sides of the Danube), it is clear that this really is a city steeped in culture, history, architecture and the arts. The buildings stand tall creating long dark shadows yet the sunshine still finds a way to articulate the colours of this city. The view from my hotel room is breathtaking and encapsulates everything I envisioned Budapest to look like. As I write this blog, the window is latched wide open and I have the privilege of witnessing an amazing electrical Summer storm. After the stiflingly hot day we have had (which might I add, I have absolutely loved after the non-existent British Summer thus far) the weather has decided to cool things off with a colourful show of lightning, thunder and heavy rain. I must admit it was quite funny watching the waiters on the main street below, rush to get their tables, chairs and diners out of the worst of the rain; it made for good people watching.

Tomorrow I hope to go up to Buda Castle and take in some of the views over the rest of the city’s landscape. I am sure tomorrow will also include more gelato, lying in the sunshine reading my book and endless walks up and down the many cobbled streets.


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