Dia Ciento Setenta y Siete // Day One Hundred & Seventy-Seven

24.06.2016 Friday

Today was a momentous day in British history; one that I feel, as a nation, we will forever be saying “do you remember where you were, when Britain voted to leave the EU?” Social media has been in meltdown and rather than scrutinise people’s opinions and choices on the matter, I would like to tell you about a few other momentous events of today.

1). Only a mere 3 weeks after my return from New York, I finally picked up my Brooklyn Dodgers hat. Unable to find the exact hat I wanted in the home of the baseball team; Brooklyn, my parents bought the hat for me a week later in Los Angeles. The hat then made its way home to Brisbane, with my parents, where it was sent, via post, to me, in England. This hat has quite literally been around the world. You may know that since visiting New York for the first time, I have developed an keen interest in the sport of baseball. A triple play is as exciting to me as buying a new pair of cycling shoes (for clarification, that’s a big deal!) and after having spent a week living, mixing, or more precisely, trying to fit in with the locals in the heart of Brooklyn, Bed-Stuy, I decided the Brooklyn Dodgers were to be my team. The hat fits like a dream and its arrival made my Friday!

2) Momentous event number two of the day consists of wishing my Mum and Dad a very happy anniversary. I love you both more than words or actions will ever do justice. You have taught patiently, listened carefully and loved Thomas and I unconditionally. For that I am so thankful; you have set an example that I can only dream to follow. I hope you have both had a lovely day xx


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