Dia Ciento Setenta y Seis // Day One Hundred & Seventy-Six

23.06.2016 Thursday

Thursday night is the new Friday. The blue sky and sun finally returned and I had a lovely dinner out in St. Albans. In my opinion, a perfect Thursday night. 

This evening, I voted in what is being labelled as the UK’s biggest, most important referendum to date. The choice between remaining as a member of the European Union or voting to leave is one that was not taken lightly by those I have spoken to. Aside from actually discussing which way I voted, I would like to point out that the UK have got it spot on in terms of their democracy and legal right to vote. Unlike Australia, it is not compulsory for every person, aged over 18 years, to vote in local, state or federal elections, here in the UK. Instead, as democracy entitles you, it is personal choice as to whether you choose to exercise your right to vote in such elections or referendums, therefore giving people an open and transparent system that does not have to spend time counting ‘donkey votes’ (ballot papers that do not count as the elector has purposely not chosen a specific option, instead scribbled on the paper or not answered at all). Australia could learn a thing or two here.


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