Dia Ciento Setenta y Cuatro // Day One Hundred & Seventy-Four

21.06.2016 Tuesday

Today I was able to spend the day in London, albeit on a school trip and supposedly loco parentis of the children. This city literally has a different view around every corner. You would be silly to spend most of your time on the tube or a bus, as you really do just need to let your feet wander, to take you on paths or down laneways that catch your eye or take control of your senses.

 I overheard an English person, in London, speaking on the phone today, he said the following, “this city is a commercialised, man-made jungle fit for one purpose; to make money from the tourists who flock here.” 

I, personally, was quite shocked to hear a native say that about his own capital city. I understand that he may have been having a bad day or that he does not necessarily share the same view of the city as I do, but to say that it was fit for one purpose, I find absurd. London dates back to the Bronze Age and I find it hard to believe that back then they were planning to build a world city of cultural significance to entice tourists. I accept that the city is one of the most visited by tourists, you could argue that I’m a tourist, however sometimes I feel those who live closest to London forget what the city has to offer and what they should be proud to call their own.


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