Dia Ciento Sesenta // Day One Hundred & Sixty

07.06.2016 Tuesday

The word wanderlust originates from the German language, literally meaning ‘enjoyment of hiking.’ In more recent times, the word has become a term used daily (well by me anyway!) in a sense that translates to the desire to travel. Although I feel the word has now been thrown around all too frequently, what with there being a music festival with the same title, and the fact that I now feel it has become incredibly cliche, I cannot deny the fact that that single  word expresses exactly how I feel. At this time in my life I just have a wanderlust.

Despite this desire to travel, the daily routine continues. However, this time I changed the routine and decided to get up early to go for a quick run (I don’t mean fast, I just mean it didn’t last very long!). I’m so glad I did as I got to see the brand new lawn that has been opened in Bancroft Park, it was so immaculate that I had to force myself to run around it and not on it.


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