Dia Ciento Cincuenta y Seis // Day One Hundred & Fifty-Six

03.06.2016 Friday

On our last night together here in New York, we had a brilliant meal at the local coffee house/cafe/restaurant called Manny’s which I have loved since the first time we stumbled across it exactly a week ago. 

This sign was hung on the wall of the courtyard garden and served to remind me that, although a week spent here exploring the city with my family has been brilliant, it has reminded how quickly life moves. You have to stop and appreciate it, just like I’ve done this past week but you also have to act promptly and do the things you have always said you will now. It is no good to say “I must do that, I should really visit that city, I ought to enjoy each day more,” you have to do these things now, or at least be working towards it. Time doesn’t speed up or slow down, you just have to know how to use the time you have now. I’ve come to realise recently that the only thing you need to do with your time is something that makes you happy; and that’s different for everyone.


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