Dia Ciento Cincuenta y Cuatro // Day One Hundred & Four

01.06.2016 Wednesday

The High Line is a 3.2km elevated urban park built on the disused New York Central Railway spur called West Side Line. The final section of the ‘green space,’ above one of the world’s most famous cities, was opened in 2014 and boasts natural fauna species and environmentally-friendly landscapes that afford some great views over the city’s Meatpacking District and Chelsea, on the west side of the city. It is a must do for anyone visiting the city, yet it is still relatively unknown to most tourists.

Unfortunately, or fortunately for some; areas, particularly those in large metropolitan locations, go through periods of rejuvenation, regrowth or gentrification. This can often be a very negative experience for people who have lived in these areas for the best part of their lives. Knowing no different, a change to their livelihood, such as notable examples seen in Atlanta, Boston and Cape Town, often means many people are forced to move away.

The High Line is a process of urban rejuvenation due to the redundancy of the once, purposeful railway line often supplying the Meatpacking District below. Personally, I think the repurposing of urban facilities only helps to assist further growth in that location. A sustainable facility that is used by both locals and tourists alike, can only ever be a positive asset to the area. Sometimes it has to be one step backwards, two steps forward.


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