Dia Ciento Cincuenta // Day One Hundred & Fifty

28.05.2016 Saturday

New York is a city of cultural diversity; twenty-four hours in this city has led me to that decision. This is by no means a negative attribute and in my opinion a myriad of cultures only adds to the experiences you can have whilst travelling. Walking back over the Brooklyn Bridge this evening, after a brilliant day spent walking the streets, dodging the cabs and riding the subway, I had come to the conclusion that I have previously found it easier to grasp cultural practices in countries of whom speak a foreign language, such as Spain or Italy. After going into a corner deli in Brooklyn to buy some milk and orange juice, something I have done in countries the world over, I couldn’t understand the process of paying for the items and conversing with the shop owner. For example, the people paying before me did not empty their shopping basket onto the counter, they placed their money on a plate for the owner to take and return to with the change and finally some of them didn’t pay for their goods, rather they wrote an IOU in the shop’s register.

Aside from some unusual practices, today has been brilliant. Breakfast at a small typically American cafe, trips on the subway and ticking off the main sites; Grand Central Station, Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square. However, some of the best things about today included; the weather – 30•C, the coffee and the range of products in the shops. I love that you can choose from 18 different Gatorade flavours, 15 different hummus pots and over 20 different types of freshly ground coffee beans in a supermarket roughly the size of a local tesco express. Easily pleased.


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