Dia Ciento Cuarenta y Siete / Day One Hundred & Forty-Seven

25.05.2016 Wednesday

The semi-detached house, so aptly named due to the sharing of a common wall within the dwelling, accounts for the UK’s most popular housing type at 32%.

This housing type is so foreign to the area I grew up in, in Australia. Sprawling suburbs lent themselves room for home owners to build separately from one another often seclusion themselves with wooden fences along three of their four property boundaries. The idea that another family could be living and breathing on the other side of the wall is somewhat absurd.

This talk of property types got me thinking about the property I will be staying in whilst visiting New York. The Air B’n’B of choice is an iconic Brownstone building in the heart of the somewhat newly-reclaimed eclectic, hipster centre of Brooklyn. I hope to refine this description of the area in which we are staying as I feel not only have I not done the area justice, I feel any Brooklyn native would take offence to the words eclectic and hipster. I will redefine this once I’ve immersed myself in everything the area has to offer.


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