Dia Ciento Treinta y Ocho // Day One Hundred & Thirty-Eight

16.05.2016 Monday

Rabbits are the order of the day, I don’t mean at the top of today’s menu. I have always envisaged that the pet for me would be a bunny rabbit; specifically a charcoal grey lol-eared rabbit who goes by the name of Dairy. I mainly just envisage this as when I lived in Australia it was never possible to have a rabbit. Queensland State Law makes it very clear that rabbits are illegal to keep as pets and will incur a $30,000 fine. For some reason, that always put me off having my very first pet.

On the contrary, England welcome the rabbit as a pet in a family home. As well as this, the Spring weather has meant a lot more rabbits are on the move in the sunshine and are so easily spotted on my morning drive to work as they scamper across the country fields.


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