Dia Ciento Treinta y Cinco // Day One Hundred & Thirty-Five

13.05.2016 Friday

I’ve never really been superstitious, nor have I become superstitious today but it is Friday the 13th.

If someone were to ask you, “if you could only keep one possession, what would it be?” Most people would have that one thing in mind, something they would want to keep hold of even if they lost all of their other possessions. Well for me, it’s my mountain bike and unfortunately I no longer have that either. When someone steals something from you, you feel a rush of anger, shortly followed by sadness – I assume that’s what most people would feel anyway. To say I am gutted that I have had my bike stolen is an understatement. Some people may think I’m overreacting or incredibly materialistic but as I said earlier, it’s my one possession I would choose to keep above all others. It is replaceable and it’s not the monetary value that I’m upset about, it’s the fact that last Sunday, I had one of the best evenings of my life on that bike, riding makes me feel so happy and now it’s all gone. 

You rarely get justice with these sorts of things and I don’t hold out much hope of ever seeing it again, it’s just upsetting that yet again individuals let humanity down.


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