Día Ciento Treinta y Uno // Day One Hundred & Thirty-One

09.05.2016 Monday

A canopy of green. This green canopy wasn’t providing me with shade as it may well have done yesterday; instead it was providing me with shelter from the scattered rain drops of this evening. Today was a Monday like many before it, aside from two interesting things that occurred. 

1). For the second time in my life I heard, and then spotted a woodpecker in the wild. I’m completely fascinated by seeing what I call ‘rare’ animals in their natural habitat.

2). The rain we received this evening, after a hot couple of days, created that familiar smell that rain can often provide; an earthy mix of oil secretion from plants and water, more commonly (or perhaps not) known as petrichor. The term was first coined by two Australian scientists in 1964 whilst studying the smells of wet weather. The word petrichor, derives from Greek mythology, where petra means stone and ichor means the fluid flowing through the Greek God’s veins. Therefore, the amalgamation of water (fluid) mixing with the Earth (stone) creates that familiar smell.


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