Dia Ciento Treinta // Day One Hundred & Thirty

08.05.2016 Sunday

Riding the full loop of the Letchworth Greenway is without a doubt one of the best ways I have ever spent a Sunday evening. I spontaneously decided to explore this 13 mile loop of what I call ‘French Gravel’ (it’s like the gravel that I so closely associate with that seen in France, hence the title) pathways and lanes. I went wrong a few times and had to double-back to get back on the right trail; this wasn’t a problem as it only gave me more time to admire the views and pedal along in awe of the natural beauty surrounding the area I live. 

I cannot believe I keep finding pathways and lanes so close to home that I have never previously explored. Don’t get me wrong, I had heard and knew of the Greenway, I’d just never experienced it for myself, until now, and I am so glad I did. If you have a bike (preferably a mountain bike) and you live in the area, you absolutely must get out and explore some of the trails, if not all. 

I know that riding a bike makes me happy, it must be something to do with my energy making the wheels go round, or the sound of my tyres on the said, ‘French Gravel’ or maybe it’s just that, again, it means I’m outside with the wind in my face and sun on my skin. Whatever it is, I know I’ll be a cyclist (in whatever form) for the rest of my life. 

As today’s adventures provided me with so many photo opportunities I thought it only fair that I share more than one.


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