Dia Ciento Veinticuatro // Day One Hundred & Twenty-Four

02.05.2016 Monday

I’ve had a very up and down past couple of weeks. Several things have made me anxious, stressed and sad, that to others may seem (actually they would definitely seem) small and insignificant. I’ve learnt that sometimes it’s not as simple as just changing how you feel or as simple as choosing to feel excited, happy or fulfilled by something; that seems bizarre to me. If that were the case and your feelings were always just a choice, wouldn’t you always choose to feel happy and show enjoyment in everything you do?

However, in saying all of this, I’ve had some good days recently and I believe I have several people and things to thank for this but I know that the better weather, and thus the ability to be outside more has helped greatly. Today was a Bank Holiday well spent. I had envisioned being very productive at home, this wasn’t the case. Instead, I went on a brilliant country walk from Welwyn to Tewin with three of my friends and a dog. We walked through some lovely British countryside (you may have noticed today’s photo of the day), chatted about anything and everything and stopped for a pub lunch. Everything about it was exactly what I’d hoped and I’m so glad I chose to do this over being productive at home. As I said before, I believe you can’t always choose how you feel or approach things even though you may have the best intentions of being positive, but what I do know is there are things that will help you to find the fun and enjoyment you just need to know where to look.


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