Dia Ciento Dieciocho // Day One Hundred & Eighteen

26.04.2016 Tuesday

There is no point in me pretending my day was good when it wasn’t. Everyone has bad days and although I feel like bad days are following me like the plague at the moment, I know that there is always at least one positive point amongst the negativity. This evening, for example, produced a wonderful sunset on a day filled with rain, hail, sleet and snow (yes, they all occurred at some point today and yes, it is May next week!). I was also reminded how lucky I am to have friends close by and family just a phone call away when I need it most. It is not ideal living thousands of kilometres away but just being able to talk on the phone does amazing things in calming down heightened anxiety levels. The sun will rise again tomorrow – hopefully, although I wouldn’t bet on it rising in England, and thus bring with it a new day.


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