Dia Ciento Quince // Day One Hundred & Fifteen

23.04.2016 Saturday

I love the mornings that start with a blue sky, green grass and some physical activity. I began the day with a tough and muddy ParkRun this morning and finished with a walk that truly surprised me, inspired me and made me smile from ear to ear. I though I had walked down every road and seen all their was to see in Hitchin; I was wrong. If you’ve read my blogs before you must know by now that I love walking, not to reach a destination, just because I like moving and seeing new things. I did just that on my walk tonight. I found a laneway that I knew existed but had not ever ventured down. This laneway must run for at least a mile and opened my eyes to things I had never seen before. Beautifully unique houses, large open green spaces and and tall, shady tree-lined avenues. There were several houses that I could only ever dream of living in but it’s definitely something to aspire to. I fell in love with Hitchin all over again tonight and for that I’m thankful.

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