Dia Ciento Tres // Day One Hundred & Three

12.04.2016 Tuesday

From yesterday’s rain-soaked picture taken in Hertfordshire, England to the warm blue skies and water of Corfu today. Yet another spontaneous trip; this time to a Greek Ionian island paradise. Since stepping off of the plane early this morning, the weather has been nothing short of perfect, the views endless and the people friendly. I don’t really have an exact reason for choosing to venture to Corfu this week, I just decided I wanted somewhere nice and warm in a country I had never visited before, Corfu ticks both of those boxes. Today has consisted of walking through the winding paths and streets of Corfu’s Old Town, eating a delicious meal of chicken and pepper skewers, Greek bread and tzatziki at a small taverna and walking along the waterfront to the Old Fortress. This place is so versatile, there are visitors of all ages, backgrounds and languages, whether it be a relaxing honeymoon holiday or a family vacation, Corfu seems to cater for all. I’m hoping to be able to go for a swim in the crystal clear Ionian Sea tomorrow as well as try some fresh grilled fish for lunch.


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