Dia Cien // Day One Hundred

09.04.2016 Saturday

It’s Day One Hundred and you’re probably expecting an exciting, inspirational photo. Truth is, you need to be able to find inspiration from the things, places and people around you. I could have easily posted a photo from my trip to Malta last week or Valencia three weeks earlier, but I like to ensure that the ‘photo of the day’ has been taken on the day!

This is the River Hiz (pronounced Hitch) a small tributary to the River Ivel, runs through Hitchin from its source as a small chalk spring in the village of Charlton. The Hiz finally meets the River Ivel near Henlow to the north. This river isn’t unique or particularly aesthetically pleasing (in some places) however, what I like most is it’s ability to quite literally ‘pop up’ in unexpected locations. This is mainly due to the river running underground or, at least, underneath Hitchin’s buildings and therefore it is not easy to follow. It is a delight when walking around town or on the outskirts and the River Hiz appears into view.


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