Dia Noventa y Nueve // Day Ninety-Nine

08.04.2016 Friday

I arrived back in the UK tonight having had a brilliant adventure holiday in Malta over the past week. It was something that until I arrived, I didn’t realise I needed. It is true that travel broadens the mind, allows you to experience new opportunities and immerses you in a different culture and language. It is unique when thought about using a simple mindset; a plane drops you into a city, a country, a continent, that is so foreign to everything you know (in all senses of the word!). Yet you don’t just work with it or deal with it, you embrace it, enjoy it and learn from it. It is easy to become stuck in a routine that affords you the same opportunities, the same people and the same monotonous chores as the previous day does. Sometimes a change in a small part of your daily life helps to curb this, but I find travel to be the best form of inspiration.

This is the point where if I haven’t already encouraged you to go to Malta, not much else I say, will convince you. Malta epitomises cultural diversity in it’s history, architecture and people and this has certainly made me want to come back for a second visit. I can only encourage you to step outside your front door, step away from your routine-filled day and experience something different outside your comfort zone.


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