Dia Noventa y Ocho // Day Ninety-Eight

07.04.2016 Thursday

The capital city of Malta, Valletta, colloquially know as Il-Belt in Maltese, simply meaning ‘The City,’ provides today’s photo of the day. 

Valletta was established in the 1500’s and is strategically situated on the edge of a peninsula which is surrounded by the Marsamxett and Grand Harbours to the north and south, respectively. As a site of UNESCO World Heritage importance, due to its Baroque palaces, churches and gardens, it is also renowned for its defensive fortifications that surround the city. These fortifications include the walls and forts which were initially built after the city was briefly attacked by the Ottoman Empire and were improved on in later centuries.

However, today’s photo does not depict those ancient, protective walls, rather it captures what I like to think is the everyday life of those who live in Europe’s second-most southern capital city behind Nicosia, Cyprus. Each street leading off of, and running adjacent to, Republic Street (the city’s main street) is lined with brightly coloured facades like the one featured in the photo. The reason I like the notion of the brightly coloured doors and windows of Valletta’s houses is due to the fortification’s lack of colour on approach to the city. It’s almost as if the walls and forts surrounding the city lead you to believe that everything within the walls portrays the same pale, orange-coloured brick; this is not the case. Wind your way through the side streets and up and down Valletta’s numerous staircases and you will find an array of bright colours and intricate masonry work; all part of a recent regeneration and restoration project for the fast-approaching European Capital of Culture 2018 title bestowed upon the city.
I have taken it upon myself to (again) include some more photos for your perusal.



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