Dia Noventa y Siete // Day Ninety-Seven

06.04.2016 Wednesday

The small Maltese island of Gozo lies to the north of mainland Malta and should be on your ‘travel bucket list.’ If you don’t have one, please get one. I spent the day on Gozo, arriving by ferry this morning and leaving this evening to a spectacularly hazy sunset backdrop. Gozo has, in the past, been ruled by the Romans, Arabs, Sicilians, French and more recently, the British. All of these historic and cultural influences have helped to shape the architecture and layout of the towns and villages on this small island. As picturesque as this architecture was, it was also just as intriguing. Several of the buildings, mainly the people’s residences, had somewhat of a modern oddity fixed to their walls or roofs; be it a kangaroo, an eagle or a maple leaf, all stood out amongst the Neolithic-designed structures next to which they appeared. The reason for people choosing to display one of these three items was really quite simple; a mark of respect to the country in which they had once had to immigrate to after the depression of war took hold. The people of Malta (this includes those living on Gozo) were offered a cheap, one-way ticket to board a ship to Australia, the United States of America or Canada, in search for a better, more secure future; and this they did. However, as grateful as the Gozitan people were to their respected new-found countries, they held an insatiable urge to return to the island they call home, not without ensuring they paid homage to their second country.

Aside from the incredible architecture, the natural landscape of this island is what holds grand esteem in the travel world, as it were. A trip to Gozo would not be complete without a visit to Marsalforn Bay, the Inland Sea or the Azure Window (featured as today’s daily photo). Only accessible by a small fishing boat, the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, in this part of the world, are unimaginably blue in colour. I have never seen this colour blue in the natural environment before, it truly is something that needs to be seen with your own eyes as photos and written descriptions just can’t do it justice. Our short boat ride concluded  with a spectacular view of the Azure Window, a limestone arch carved away by the sea. Geologist have estimated that this naturally-occurring geographical feature may only be around for another year or so before the weight of the arch collapses into the sea. Again, whilst it may look amazing in a photo, it needs to be written on your bucket list (of which you should have written by now!)

I have included some more photos of Gozo below as it seems remiss of me not to show you all this island has to offer.


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