Dia Noventa y Seis // Day Ninety-Six

05.04.2016 Tuesday

Good Evening from Malta! (you need to say this as though I am coming live to you from the Eurovision Song Contest!)

I am back doing what I love best – travelling. This time Malta was my destination of choice and Ryanair my mode of travel (I didn’t have much choice in that though!) after spontaneously booking the flights on Saturday evening. I have always wanted to go to Malta on recommendations from friends who have been hear and from the amazing videos and photos I have seen on the endless travel books and shows I read and watch, respectively. 

It only took me 2 minutes to realise those many opinions of this island country were 100% true. It is definitely picturesque but there is also a great atmosphere here; one that is hard to explain. It has an air of Roman megalithic times with it’s ancient architecture, yet just the right amount of summer holiday vibe. This was just what a few hours of walking at night showed me, I am sure I will be amazed yet again come the break of day tomorrow.

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