Dia Noventa y Uno // Day Ninety-One

31.03.2016 Thursday

Today was the first day since returning back from Australia at the start of the year that I really felt a sense of enjoyment, like I was living life. I don’t want that to sound pretentious but today I enjoyed the simple things that are on my doorstep (by doorstep, I mean a 25min train ride away). A spontaneous trip to London to enjoy the city in the Spring weather that today offered, was just what I needed. I had forgotten how much I love the city and it’s laneways, independent shops and architecture.

This is by far not the best photo that could have been taken today in London, but quite honestly I didn’t want to stop or be looking at my phone screen whilst there was so much more to offer around me. It’s safe to say that Covent Garden and Soho are my favourite parts of London yet a new addition; St Giles, is fast climbing the ranks on the way to the top. Sometimes the vibe an area possesses, as a result of the people and places in this said area, is so hard to explain in words, rather, it just needs to be seen and experienced.

‘Taking things for granted’ is something I think about daily and try hard to avoid. I don’t want it to be the case that if I ever moved back to Brisbane, I never appreciated London for what it’s worth. I cannot urge people enough to just get out and explore, you don’t need a plan, you just need to start walking. On that note, my watch is showing 38, 356 steps equalling 27km of walking today. Satisfied.


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