Dia Ochenta y Uno // Day Eighty-One

21.03.2016 Monday

Paradise is a promise as well as a memory.

On yet another walk to, and through, Letchworth with my dad, we stumbled across these words. It is strange how oblivious you can be to things right in front of you. When I go for a walk, I by no means race to the destination, rather, I like to take things in along the way, whether it be a nice garden, house, or alleyway I had never noticed before; it’s good to be observant.

However, these words are written across four signs disguised as traditional street names, the first of which caught our eye being ‘as well as.’ Naturally, this intrigued us to find out what the significance of these words were. As it happens, the set of four signs were commissioned by Letchworth Garden City Council in 2003 to commemorate the centenary of the UK’s first garden city. It’s little things like these that I love and although I wish I had been more observant to notice it on previous walks, it is clear that sometimes it requires someone else to point things out to you, however glaringly obvious they may be. 


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