Dia Setenta y Siete // Day Seventy-Seven

17.03.2016 Thursday

There were so many options for today’s photo, it was a tough choice. I spent the day in what I like to think of as a ‘geographer’s paradise.’ I visited a place in the south of England that was so beautiful it annoyed me slightly. That annoyance came from the fact that I had never been here before, despite other’s telling me it was well worth the drive and my time. The coastal landforms of Lulworth Cove and the breathtaking views on the walk over the headland to Durdle Door were simply outstanding. Never before had I seen those key geographical concepts we have all heard (yet seldom understood – well as a geography teacher I can profess that I understand them all, I’m not sure about yourself!) such as erosion, weathering and hydraulic action actually in action right before me. 

This photo doesn’t do the Jurassic Coast justice; the cliffs stretch as far as the eye can see, the valleys drop before rising steeply up the headland and the caves, arches and stacks look surprisingly strong for rock thousands of years old. Time moves slowly here in the quiet hum of the small coastal village yet can also speed by with the stark evidence of coastal processes furiously at work.


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