Dia Setenta y Tres // Day Seventy-Three

13.03.2016 Sunday

This is how this morning started, in case you missed it. There really is some reasoning behind the saying, the early bird catches the worm. Yes, you are right, it’s not the worm in particular that I am after when you see me out in the morning’s first light; it’s usually in search for views like these. I will admit, this isn’t the best photo I could have taken of the sunrise this morning as whilst also trying to take a good photo each day, I am also trying to take it all in through my own eyes instead of through a lens. I can share these experiences with you from my point of view, but there is nothing like seeing it for yourself. 

If you were wondering why I love to take a photo of the sunrise, or sunset, on a clear day, it’s because I am fascinated (and often mesmerised) by the different colours created in the sky when the sun rises or sets. It can often range from several shades of yellow, orange, pink, violet, purple, light and dark blue, gradually disappearing as the sun gets lower and the moon gets higher.


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