Dia Sesenta y Cinco // Day Sixty-Five

05.03.2016 Saturday

It snowed again this morning! The strangest part of ‘snow’ is the fact that the temperature actually increases as it begins to snow. This morning when I went for a walk it was extremely cold, however by the end of my walk it was a lot milder – and that wasn’t just a result of increased blood flow and thus body temperature.

It is a scientific process. When the air temperature is very cold, the air cannot hold much water vapour. As warmer air (which, alternatively, holds a lot of moisture) cools, it rises, therefore mixing with the cold air and causing the moisture to freeze and fall as snow. This is a process us geographers refer to as frontal precipitation. Whatever your location, age or time of day, snow is stunningly beautiful and you can’t help but smile as it falls.


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