Dia Sesenta y Uno // Day Sixty-One

01.03.2016 Tuesday

Today is the first day of Spring, according to the Gregorian Calendar in the UK. However, unfortunately I don’t have a lovely picture of a spring sunrise with wild flowers growing in the foreground and baby squirrels climbing trees in the background. The scene I have just painted for you is currently non-existent. Although, I do still hold hope of this scene featuring in this blog when the more ‘realistic’ Spring Equinox occurs on the 20th of this month. An Equinox occurs twice a year in March and September and is when the sun is situated directly over the Equator meaning the length of the night and the day are equal (well as close to equal as is possible!).

In regards to today’s photo and with less reference to the arrival of a hoax Springtime, I would like to highlight a very good extrinsic motivating feature at the gym’s water fountain. This water fountain not only automatically fills your water bottle with a sensor, but it is also calculating how many times a water bottle has been filled and thus a plastic (potentially throw-away) water bottle has been avoided – clearly this is the sort of thing my monthly fees are contributing to.


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